Important elements your website is missing | Part Two

On the last post, I covered the first six things that might be missing from your website and so costing you potential clients.

This week is a continuation of that, and it features the last six elements that you may be overlooking on your website. To make it easier for you, I've created a website audit checklist that will walk you through your whole site to make sure that it is optimised. So, grab the download below and continue reading this post!



I've been to sites where the contact information is non-existent, and this sets me on edge, to be honest. What if I was a potential client ready to invest but I have no way of getting in touch with you. The next thing I’d do is find someone else to do the job. What I suggest is have contact information in your footer section as a minimum.


Stock photos are great, but when they’re overused or misused, then they lose the point as well as the value of them. In this day and age, you can use your phone to take photos that align with your brand but if your not technologically inclined, the go to places like Unsplash, Pexels, Twenty20, Death to stock, haute stock, pixabay or styled stock society. Most of these sites offer beautiful HD photographs for free, and some are membership sites. Please let go of those photos with people in conferences, the ones with white backgrounds and the subjects are doing something stupid with their faces! Just let it go.


Make a good first impression. Introduce yourself to your visitor and give them a virtual hug or handshake. Whether you use an image banner or a cover page or a landing page for your site, make sure that you state who you are and what you do. This should be the first thing when you offer services. If instead, you offer products then it could be your best selling product that is used to introduce you to the visitor.


People naturally love to connect, and one way to do this is by having a dedicated about me page. Tell your visitor how you got to the place you’re in right now. Share those ups and downs and let them see that they will be working with a human and not a robot. This is how you start building great relationships because the about me page will attract the people you want to work with because it resonates with them.


If you're not on social media, it’s ok! But get a move on and choose a platform to market your product or services. Social media is a way to add credibility to your business but also a faster way to connect with potential clients. I use social media to both build my portfolio but also to stay in touch with fellow freelancers. So, having those links where they can be easily accessed helps build up your following.


A favicon is that small icon that brands your website even more. Most websites you visit have a small image next to the Url that helps distinguish them from other sites. This little thing won’t kill your chances of getting potential clients but it’s something worth updating if you want to brand your business further.



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