How to improve your instagram feed

Let’s imagine a world were instagram doesn’t stress you out with all it’s changing algorithms and constant competition for followers! It’s a beautiful world right? Well, that world is right there within your reach with just a few simple changes that you can do to your instagram feed.

How to improve your Instagram feed
  • Choose your layout

So, there’re a few ways that you can plan your insta feed layout and it’s all done through alternating the posts to appear in a grid like pattern. There are 9 different types of grids that you can choose from and they’re all beautiful.

1. Square it - @Greenlosophy

This layout is the easiest of them all because each square tells its own story. But keep in mind to always connect each image to the rest of the feed either through colours or the subject of the image so that even though each image is unique, the overall feed has elements that connect them to each other.


2. Just like playing chess - @womeninbusinessclub

This type of layout is all about alternating between two different themes or types of images. It can be quotes + image or between your product and a chosen theme like flowers or interior. This way, it creates a diagonal line or chessboard like effect for your feed and the upside is, it takes the guess work out of what to post next.


3. Lay them in a row - @personaljournalapp

Just like its name. Use rows when uploading your images. Each row can have a specific theme or colour depending on your brand. The viewer is made to look at your images in blocks from left to right just like in a magazine. For fashion bloggers, this can be used to show different views of the same outfit or product. For food bloggers you can use each row to display the final product, ingredients and an image of yourself cooking or just a utensil that you love.


4. Vertical Lines Feed - @millasuwono

This type of layout requires a distinct vertical line at the centre of your feed. This helps lead the viewer to scroll through your images from top to bottom. You can even use this type of feed to separate a photo into two by using the central image as a divider.


5. Rainbows - @elisabeth_chocolatier

This type of feed requires advanced planning. Think of this as a fade into another colour scheme or theme. What @elisabeth_chocolatier does is phase in new colours and this gives a gradual or gradient feel to their feed.


6. Who doesn't like Puzzles? - @thejanabishop

This is a fun layout to look at but it requires advanced planning because only you get to see the final product before hand but your audience see one image at a time so, every image needs to make sense on its own until the big picture is revealed otherwise you risk not engaging your audience because they don’t know what it is that you are posting.


7. Mix it up - @paperandaplan

Some people have opted to mix up two different types of layouts to make their feed unique. What @paperandaplan opted for is the mix between the vertical line and puzzle layouts. Now this type of feed can become easy to create if you use a graphic design software such as adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator.


8. Borderline - @_vim.and.vigor_ - @beautifulandyummy

Borders helps give a cohesive look to your feed even if the images do not go together. Think of this option like an art gallery. There are different images placed together but each frame helps bring more attention to the individual photo. You can even play around with the colour of your border to best suit your brand.


  • What's your theme

To make life easier for yourself, decide on what theme you’ll use for your feed. There are so many to choose from depending on your line of business or hobby. Here are a few examples of themes to choose from: Tropical, adventure, quotes, selfies, cute animals, mystic allure, flat-lays, food and your own products just to name a few. By having a theme, it makes curating images that much easier because you are more focused.

@Wetravelrepost - @loving_earth -

  • Pick your colours

You can go as crazy as you’d like or as minimal. It’s all up to you and the aesthetics of your brand theme or business. You can opt for neutrals, pinks, blue, rainbow colours and so much more. What you’re trying to do here is build up on consistency of your feeds visual aesthtetics. The chosen colors do not have to dominate the whole image or feed. You can even play around with adding a splash of colour here and there and keeping the rest of the images neutral.

@Hoorayhouse - @clairejenee - @sarah_peretz

  • Stick to one filter

Q - Exactly what is a filter?

A - A filter is an overlay placed on top of your image to give it a certain look and feel.

Q - Which apps can give me access to filters?

A - There are many apps to choose from like preview app, VSCO and a color story just to name a few.

This is little trick so important because by sticking to one filter it means that no matter what image you upload, your feed will always have the same feel to it.

@Dilrubasaricimen - @lizzythoughts - @analuzoe

  • Pick your topics

Choose a few topics that you’d like to use as prompts for your future posts. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to be known for?

  • What will your audience like?

  • What do you like?

For example, if you’re a bakery then you’ll post photos of your products, recipes, behind the scene looks in the kitchen, your happy customers, ingredients and of course the staff. By having these topics, it becomes easier to not only take images but also plan them ahead of time.



  • Good quality photos

Where can i get great stock photos? Many websites now offer top quality photos for free. Head on over to this blog post where I talk about all the available options.

How can i take photos at home? I recommend using natural light for your photos but if that's not possible then get some lights on amazon that you can use even when the weather is not cooperating with you. These are the ones that I use personally.

  • Work from the bottom up

When planning your feed, you always need to work from the bottom up because this is how you’re going to upload your images to instagram. I have several apps that let me play around with my layput, some are free and some i’ve paid for.





I hope this inspires you to up your instagram game and not get overwhelmed with the whole system like most of us tend to do. Let me know what other apps or tricks you use to make your instagram feed unique!

*some of the links on this blog post are affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase or subscribe to a service.


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