How to edit stock photography to fit your brand

Last week we talked about where to find great royalty free photographs that you can use for your brand. Today we look at how to edit them!

How to edit stock photography to fit your brand.png

The first thing to do would use that crop button. Sometimes we find images that are just perfect for our brands but then they have that little something that makes you hesitate. If at all possible, crop it out of the photo. Or maybe you fell in love with a specific part of that photograph. Zoom in and make that the focal point.You can use software like photoshop or illustrator, the preview app on your computer (mac users) or just your cell phone.


The second thing you need to do is use a color overlay over the photo. This all depends on your brand colors or the general mood your brand is trying to evoke. You can decide to cover the whole image with and overlay or just the central part leaving a border like effect around the overlay. Apps like color story,  canva, photoshop or any other design software can do the job. Canva is a free resource, color story apps allows you to buy filters at a very reasonable price, photoshop is part of adobe creative suite that allows you to use their great apps by paying a monthly or annual subscription fee. Either one of these options will do the trick!


Lastly, add text and custom brand elements on the image. Use your logo, symbol, fonts and even colors to add that touch of individuality to your stock photography.


One thing to remember is to always be consistent with your editing. Stick to your brand elements and colors throughout your business. This will help people identify your work easily. Those are the three tips I have for you this week. Go at it and let me know how your photos have turned out!


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