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How to work productively every day and feel accomplished

You know those days where you feel like you didn’t accomplish much even though you sat at your desk the entire time? Well, i'm here to tell you that it can be a thing of the past if you set your mind to it. Below we will go through 6 tips that I use personally in order to help make the most out of my day and my to-do list! (Cause where’s the fun of a to-do list if you can’t check off those tasks?!)

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My client on-boarding process

Think of not having a client onboarding process like the time before the internet was invented. Unimaginable! The purpose of this process is to set the stage or really start on the right foot with any project.These are just the steps that I take and are not set in stone so feel free to take some tips and implement them within your business.

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Content creation for the busy solopreneur

Sometimes I just want to sleep. No stress over what I need to post on Instagram when I should schedule my pins or how much I engage in facebook groups. Having to always create content is soul draining. This post alone took me 3 days to write. Always finding an excuse that something else needs my attention (Netflix is extremely important to my sanity). And right there is the reason why I need to stick to my content creating routines.

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