7 Must-Haves for Your About Page

An about page of a website is more than just you, it’s a place where you can build connections with your ideal client and show them that you have what it takes to solve their problems! I’ve highlighted 7 must haves that you should consider for your own about page!

7 Must-Haves for Your About Page.png

1. Introduce yourself

It goes without saying, you need to introduce yourself but no telenovelas! Just a short sweet brief introduction of the person behind the service or product you have to offer. This is where you let your personality shine through. It’s often misunderstood that you have to be larger than life in order to have a compelling story to tell but believe me when I tell you that who you are is more than enough. Your aim is to bring the person reading your about page into your world and to make sure that they take a bit of it into theirs. Connecting with them on a human level is always better that showing off your unlimited skills.

2. Remind them why they are here in the first place.

Then you need to remind them about why they even came to your website in the first place. What problems are they facing or trying to solve? Write that here in a way that makes them know that you understand exactly what they are going through.

3. Highlight your solutions.

After touching on the problem, you now hand them the future outlook. Give them a vision of how life would be like if their problems were solved. Touch on how you can help them solve problems that you encounter frequently with your clients. This method shows them that they are not alone and that someone else has already found the help they needed through working with you or using your products.

4. What should they do next?

So, we’ve introduced ourselves, touched on their problems and the solutions that you have to offer. Now you need to tell them how to get in touch with you. Is there a form directly placed on the page or is it and email address or phone number that they can use? Tell them how to get intouch with you and what your timeframe is for responding back.

5. Use different types of media

It’s great to use images or video on your about page. If you’re writing it all down then have an image of yourself on the about page but if you can, create a video where you talk about everything mentioned above. Play around with different media because a blank about me page does not help you at all! Put a face to the brand.

6. Connect

After they send you an email or contact you, thank them and also ask them to check out or follow you on your social media platform of choice. Otherwise, send them back to your blog or the resources section if you have one! Try to keep them connected to you so that they have you in mind.

7. Your address and other contact details should be easily seen

If you're a brick and mortar store then please have your physical address in a place where they can see it. If you offer services or products online then have all the other emails available for things like the sales team, shipping information, customer care, press inquiries, wholesale and so forth.

These 7 tips will help you create or update an about page that speaks and connects with your ideal audience.


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