LaChelle T. Parker

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Behind the brand:

LaChelle is a life strategist who helps women discover their superpower by identify areas in their life where there is crisis (career, relationships, money, parenting, lifestyle). She came to me because she needed a brand and website that would reflect her personality but also align with the women that she works with. She had never had a brand before and although she had a website, it wasn't functional or easy to run by herself. Another important element was her workshops which required printed workbooks.



Services included:

Brand development, Logo design, Icons & Illustration, Print, Website design



What came out of the questionnaire, consultancy call and my research was a brand that was not only feminine but held a hint of boldness in its collateral design. The website is simple so that the emphasis is on her book and services offered.






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Strong feminine vibes with that hint of orange.

Other design elements:



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Website design:

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End product:

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What LaChelle T. Parker has to say:

My initial design goals were to work with a website designer to help me identify my brand, logo and style (which I had no idea about). Maria helped me discover not only my brand but gave me an invaluable lesson on brand concepts and designs. The color scheme target audience and the vision of what my client would find attractive in my story.

Maria was a god-send. I was struggling with design, identity and creativity . Our creative calls allowed me to discover who I am in the marketplace and how I can stand out as a Lifestyle Strategist through branding concept and design.

Maria's beautiful personality along with her knowledge of branding and marketing is phenomenal. She is the person you want on your power-team. She is on mine, and I cannot wait to work on more projects with her.