about the artist

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You could say that i’ve got a ‘renaissance soul’ (thank you Margaret Lobenstine) in me. Ever since I can remember i’ve been fascinated and attracted to the world of art, be it in the form of architecture, music, theatre or even sport. The beauty that I find in being immersed in one of these worlds led me to take art and music classes as a child, enjoy sports as a young adult and led me to get my undergraduates in both architecture and urban planning, a graduate degree in engineering of the built environment and subscriptions to tons of online courses that range from knitting to coding.

As you may have guessed, i’m a curious creature who loves to explore how things work and in that process, I returned full circle to my first love which was art and illustration. I found that in this space I can be anything I want to be (be it an architect, an interior designer, an explorer, a motivator or an activist).

Through my designs and illustrations, I’ve been able to meet some of the greatest women and I would never have thought that I’d be in a situation where I get to do what I love in my own terms. After all, everyone wants to leave a mark and hopefully, my work leaves a few marks around the world.



Milan, Italy